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Choose your audience

Choose the target audience you would like us to recruit from our pre-screened consumer panel.

Alternatively, use your own respondents by simply sharing a link for them to take your video survey.

Create your questionnaire

Write your questionnaire using a combination of open and/or closed-ended questions.

Optionally attach media files to your questions to get feedback on video, image and audio content.

Get video replies in minutes

In a matter of minutes (seriously) you will start receiving video replies to your questions from your exact target audience. Most video surveys are completed within 24 hours.

Analyze your feedback

Instant computer-generated transcripts, sentiment analysis, filtering capabilities and multiple views (by question or individual) save hours of your valuable time when analyzing your video feedback.

Share your results

Download videos to MP4 format to include in your pitches, presentations or reports. Easily share results by sending your colleagues and/or clients a custom-branded link to your video survey.

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