The price shown above includes the following:
Recruitment of your target consumer (if our panel)
Gift card incentive for participants (if our panel)
Video replies to all of the questions you ask
Auto computer-generated transcripts
Instant exports of video replies
Instant exports of transcripts
All built-in analysis tools
Phone & email support


Frequently asked questions

What is included in the pricing?

The pricing includes everything you need with no hidden costs. This includes:

  • Recruitment of your target consumer (if you’re using our panel)
  • Gift card incentives for respondents (if you’re using our panel)
  • Optional incentive distribution (if you’re using your own respondents)
  • Up to 3 pre-screening questions (if recruiting from our panel)
  • Video replies to all of your questions
  • Instant computer transcripts to all video replies
  • Video reply download/export in MP4 format
  • Export of computer transcripts to Excel
  • Export of participant demographic data
  • Built-in attribute filtering & sentiment analysis tools
  • Fast turnaround expert help & support
How many questions can I ask per video survey?

You can ask up to 30 questions in each video survey. We set this limit because beyond 30 questions and you will start to see significant “survey fatigue” and reduced quality of replies.

If you have more than 30 questions, you would be better off splitting that up into multiple smaller video surveys. We have a capability to send a follow-up survey to the people that took a given survey, so this is easy to do within the platform.

Can I target who will respond to my video survey?

Yes. By default you can choose the gender (male, female, both) and age ranges (13-70) of your respondents. You can then add up to 3 custom pre-screening questions of your choice to get to your exact target audience.

If you’re using your own respondents, you can ask up to 5 pre-screening questions for a given video survey.

How quickly will I get results?

If you’re recruiting from our consumer panel you will start to get responses in minutes (we’re not kidding). You’ll see people answer your questions right away, with most surveys being completed in a couple of hours.

If you’re using your own list, it will depend on how quickly those on your list respond. However, you could theoretically start to receive replies as soon as you send out the link for people to take your video survey.  

What size do you recommend?

If your budget affords it, we recommend 25 respondents. Here’s why…

  • At 25 respondents you will see clear themes/insights emerge which aids in the analysis of the findings (the technical term for this is “saturation”). Any more respondents and you’re just hearing the same themes over and over. Any less and you may not get a clear enough read on your topic(s) of interest…
  • Statistically speaking, you will surface the widest range of potential opinions, attitudes, behaviors, etc. at around 25 people (factors like incidence rate influence that, but for the most part 25 is perfect). Qualitative feedback is all about surfacing a range of opinions, which can then validate more broadly with a quantitative survey later on.
  • It’s roughly equivalent to running 3 in-person focus groups with 8 people in each group (a total of 24 people), which is pretty standard for in-person focus group studies…
Where do the panel members come from?

We have recruited and curated our own panel of consumers from around the US that approximately mirrors the demographics of the US overall.

Each panel member must go through a multi-step screening process that includes:

  1. Confirmation of their email address to ensure opt-in and high email deliverability
  2. Demographic questions to capture key background info (age, gender, HHI, etc.)
  3. A video articulation question (“What is your favorite restaurant, and why?”) to validate demographic info and ensure they will provide quality, articulate replies to your questions.
  4. A research consent form with an agreement not to disclose any information publicly
  5. Agreement with our panel member Code of Conduct

Every single request to join our panel is then manually reviewed by a real person (no AI), and only 15% of applications to join our panel are approved.

Despite these measures, there are unfortunately times where some panelists look great on their application but turn out to be not-so-great respondents after we accept them into the panel (it’s a bit like job interviews that way). To further ensure you get quality respondents we do the following:

  • Remove poor quality respondents with random quality checks
  • Over-recruit by approximately 10% knowing there may be a few “so so” respondents
  • (Coming soon) Enable you to rate and flag participants as a further check on quality

Finally, to avoid “professional” survey takers we have implemented a referral system for our existing panelists, which has become the primary way our panel has grown. Our respondents typically post their referral links on their favorite social sites, meaning our panel has grown largely through social recruitment rather than scammy survey sites.

It’s not foolproof, but with these quality checks we’ve been able to build a panel that exceeds the quality of most qualitative recruiter and facility databases…

Can I use my own respondents?

Yes! Click on the option to use “Your Own List” in the pricing calculator on this page to view the cost of using the QualNow platform with your own list of respondents.

If you’re using your own respondents the site will automatically generate a link for you to send to respondents. Your respondents can then click on this link and start to reply right away. 

Do you have a B2B panel?
We don’t have a B2B panel, nor do we have plans to build one in the future because it would necessitate us vastly raising our prices and it’s traditionally difficult to reach B2B decision makers in the super fast timeframes that QualNow is all about…
How does payment/billing work?
All payments are made securely via credit card. If credit card payments are not possible for your organization, please contact us to get pre-approved for traditional invoicing.
Are there any setup fees or contracts required?
No. There are absolutely no setup fees, subscriptions and/or contracts required. Simply pay-as-you-go for each video survey you run. However, we do offer volume discounts for frequent users that pay for studies in advance, as well as annual subscription options. Contact us for details.
What if I'm not happy with the results?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with QualNow, we will refund your payment if the request is made within 7 days of the conclusion of your survey. Note that refunds do not include incentives paid out to our panel members or respondents because it wouldn’t be fair to not pay them after they have taken the time and effort to take your survey.


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