About Us

Our mission is to change the way you develop consumer insights 

Since the 1950s, marketers have relied on in-person interviews and focus groups as their primary way of gathering feedback from their target audiences. While these methods can be extremely valuable, they are often slow, difficult to coordinate and expensive.

Online qualitative approaches based around text-based messaging solve some of the problems with in-person methods. However, they lack the ability to “see” the consumer and read their non-verbal expressions, which is crucial to developing consumer insights.

With increased broadband/mobile internet access and video capabilities in almost every mobile phone, tablet and computer sold in the past five years, the time has finally come for marketers to adapt their methods and move their qualitative research online.

This is why we created QualNow…

QualNow launched in January of 2017 with the mission of changing the way marketers develop insights about their target consumers. We deliver video feedback from consumers in a matter of minutes, at a fraction of the price of “traditional” in-person methods like interviews and focus groups.

The QualNow team is located in Rochester, NY with offices at the High Tech Rochester incubator and is led by Matt Foley, a veteran of the market research industry with over 15 years of online qualitative research experience and experience launching multiple successful companies.


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